The University offers the BA Programme (Pass and Major) comprising six semesters, which have to be completed in minimum three years of duration. For BA (Pass) Course, there will be total 4 Courses in each of the semesters, totaling 24 courses that will carry 2400 marks with 96 credits.

For BA (Major) Course there will be total 4 Courses in each of the semesters, totaling 24 courses that carries 2400 marks with 120 credits. The University provides opportunity to the learners to opt for Major Course from Semester 3 onwards.

Computer Science is considered as one of the best career options ,  not only in India, but globally. There are bright career prospects for computer science professionals. With the opening of huge software and IT companies in India, the job opportunities for trained software professionals have increased considerably. India is known to be a leader in software and IT sector. The programme ' Bachelor in Computer Application' aims at exposing the learners to various areas of computer applications including the latest development in IT field. The programme is structured to make the learners proficient in IT related matters. The programme emphasis's on the areas of Operating System, DBMS, Programming Languages  like C,C++, JAVA etc.

The Bachelor in Business Administration Programme is designed keeping in view the  modern day business requirement and the career prospect of learners. The learners will be able to develop competencies required for managerial activities like planning, organizing, decision-making, communicating etc. for efficient organizational performance. The programme focuses on the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource.

In this era of globalisation, business activities have expanded manifold and the nature of business has undergone a rapid change. The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Programme offered by the University is designed to cater to the needs of the learners in the area of business and commerce in this changing economic environment.